The solution to protect

Adopt Ril as currency for everyday use and protect your savings.


Developed for Usability in the payment of Goods and Services

Designed to be comfortable and accessible for its users by making transactions from their wallet safely, quickly and without intermediaries. In addition, it is always open to any person, corporation or institution.

We have what the world needs!

Rilcoin is a Cryptocurrency created to help improving the micro economy in a real descentralised concept.

In addition, Rilcoin focuses on the tourism market with great development potential, from visiting large and splendid natural sites, to enjoying the best hotels and Inns throughout the country..

Why Rilcoin?

Because it is a fast, safe and simple cryptocurrency to pay for Goods and Services.


Just download your wallet and start using RIL.


Always in contact with the Rilcoin team.


You can always transfer with the security that Rilcoin offers.


No matter where you are, you can always use RIL.

Road Map

Our path to success for 2022:

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You can get RILCOIN in XeggeX.

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